ASIC: Aligning Sparse in-the-wild
Image Collections

1University of Maryland, College Park, 2Google
Dense alignment cow dataset.

ASIC computes a dense alignment of sparse in-the-wild images of an object or object category. Top row: Input images. Middle row: Dense alignment computed by ASIC. Bottom row: Dense warping from source image to other images in the dataset.


We present a method for joint alignment of sparse in-the-wild image collections of an object category.

Most prior works assume either ground-truth keypoint annotations or a large dataset of images of a single object category. However, neither of the above assumptions hold true for the long-tail of the objects present in the world. We present a self-supervised technique that directly optimizes on a sparse collection of images of a particular object/object category to obtain consistent dense correspondences across the collection.

We use pairwise nearest neighbors obtained from deep features of a pre-trained vision transformer (ViT) model as noisy and sparse keypoint matches and make them dense and accurate matches by optimizing a neural network that jointly maps the image collection into a learned canonical grid. Experiments on CUB and SPair-71k benchmarks demonstrate that our method can produce globally consistent and higher quality correspondences across the image collection when compared to existing self-supervised methods.


Dense Alignment

Coarse parts computed by self-supervised methods vs. Dense alignment learned by ASIC.

Dense Warping

Dense Warping.

Dense warping from a source image (top row) to a target image (second row). ASIC produces dense and semantically more meaningful warps from the source to the target.

Edit Propagation

Dense alignment cat video.
Dense alignment cat video.
Dense alignment cat dataset.
Dense alignment cat dataset.

ASIC can be used for edit propagation applications for images and video. In each example, we trained ASIC on 30 video frames and propagate an edit from the first frame to other frames in the video.


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